Alba Mobile

Rome, 2019

Varying materials, some intangible, such as light
Academia de España en Roma
Project: Numen

A drawing of the sun that shone on the wall woke me up every morning. It came into my room without warning. And I had to wake up to watch this show. While I lived in studio 27 of the Academia de España en Roma, one of the highest points of the city, every morning and every evening I could see, during the four seasons of the year, how the light of the sunrise and the sunset was reflected on the wall of my room. It was not any light, it was the light of Rome. The observation of the movement of this drawing of light confirmed the imperceptible movement of the earth that moves around the sun, the passage of my time, and my existence.

The building offered its volume to the sun, to catch it and draw this panel of 30 rectangles together. An invisible and transparent cage. I wanted to take this phenomenon with me. And confronted by my torpor Alba Mobile was born. It is a book object designed to carry this light to other places. It is a series of inventions, objects, and instructions to be able to reflect the sunlight in any room. It is an exercise to observe the sunlight, an invitation to go back to the worship of the Roman god, to the Sol Invictus, and the practice of a spiritual exercise that connects us with the energy of our star every day; recalling the ephemerality of the movement and the passage of time. The sundial that inhabits every home.