Books as objects.

Manual to learn how to breathe again with the right rhythm
Carcaixent, 2010

Paper and silk
Private Collection

Du und ich
Carcaixent, 2014

Paper, ink, and silk
20 x 11 x 15cm
Banco Sabadell Collection

The Book of the Self
Berlin, 2014
Mirror, silk, and paper
12 x 17 x 10 cm

Goldschnitt / Gilt edge
Berlin, 2016
Paper, gold leaf and silk
13x6x5 cm.

Die Rose
Berlin, 2014
Found book and glass

Fels und Firn
Berlin (D)
24 Gold on paper and book

Endless book
Carcaixent, 2011
Handmade paper, silk, and ink
70cm diameter
IVAM Art Collection

Book with an end
Riudebitlles-Carcaixent 2011
Paper, bronze, and gold leaf.
19 x 23 x 19 cm.
Private collection 

Compass rose
Carcaixent (ES)
Paper and aluminum