Der Sonnentunnel

Berlin, 2021

Tempelhof Train Station
Project: Along the lines
Curated by Site Specific Ideas. 
Supported by Hauptstadt Kulturfonds.

Der Sonnentunnel is an ephemeral installation. It consists of covering the windows of the Berlin train station Tempelhof with a golden surface that can reflect the light of the sun during the day and night. As if inside the building lived the light and energy that gives strength to the trains to move. The installation will be visible to moving passengers, as it is a kinetic installation that is only activated by light and movement.

The station in which this temporary installation has been planned is a place where the trains of the ring route, the S42 and the S41, which are almost non-stop, the passengers surrounding the city in this ring, cross in both directions, passing through this station, connecting east and west, sunrise and sunset. The installation is accentuating and makes the building visible from a distance, in order to highlight its existence and indicate its location.