València, 2017

Brass and iron
Paz y Comedias Gallery.
Space in Plaza del Patriarca, 5, Valencia
Exhibition: “Nach einem glücklichen, goldenen Ziel”

Fluchtpunkt (Vanishing Point) is the graphic representation of that place that we look at or our vital objective. It is a point that does not exist in reality, although it is depicted in geometry as a projection system. It is a place and an inappropriate point, located
in infinity, where all the vanishing points converge. In this space of the square called Plaza del Colegio del Patriarca in Valencia, I found a rough stone arch. It was boarded up and it was not accessible.

The inability to walk through this archway gave me the idea to draw its vanishing point, to be able to escape. The installation consisted of a drawing made with the metal thread from a motor. The path of the thread sketched out a line from each point of the arch to the center. Little by little, as I weaved the thread, a new dimension was drawn. The piece was rounded off with the light. Each beam of light that touched the drawing radiated a circle, and all the circles went through the center. This optical illusion moves if the viewer moves. This piece is kinetic art that makes no sense without light and the viewer. This idea is related to utopia, an unreachable place, whose projection, however, helps us follow the path to achieve any objective in life. Upon completion, I decided to turn the installation into another piece. It is the natural shape that the thread adopts when it is no longer under tension.

Berlin, 2017
Mahogany wood, aluminium, iron, rope and copper.